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ZeusIP started as a boutique law firm specializing in Intellectual Property Laws in India and abroad. Gradually, ZeusIP has diversified into other areas of laws and today has set its foot in other fields including Dispute Resolution, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Consumer Disputes, Employment, Information Technology and Data Protection, Commercial Transactions and Contractual Issues, E-commerce & Retail, Real Estate and Private Client Practice.



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Compulsory licensing: Noble or ignoble during COVID-19?

With the world battling with the novel coronavirus, there have been many substantial developments in the field of intellectual property (IP) and pharmaceuticals. New means to prevent, treat and mitigate Covid-19 are being researched for developing effective medical treatments as fast as possible.

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There are a lot of brands which have acquired popularity and distinctiveness based on the way their labels and logos are placed on a given product. But did you know that these brands have the right to claim monopoly over the positioning of their label on products? Well, a ‘position trademark’, falling under the category of ‘unconventional trademarks’, allows proprietors to claim rights over the way their label is placed on a product, based on its distinctiveness. 

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